University of Copenhagen
Physics and Astronomy.
I passed 1st half of the Candidate Degree in Physics and Astronomy, but decided to quit, as I became interested in IT.
At that time University of Copenhagen did not offer a Bachelor Degree, so I quit without a paper. I don't regret.
Merchant school of Copenhagen
IT Assistant.
I took a degree as IT assistant, as it was called. It focused on Project Management, SW Design and Development.
I did become a quite excellent developer using Cobol and Fortran.
Merchant school of Copenhagen
Datanom degree.
The Datanom degree consisted of 6 modules in IT, each of them 4 months of education. I passed the following modules:
1. SW languages. Learning the then common languages: Cobol, Fortran, PL1, Algol, Pascal, LISP, Assembler
2. Data modelling. Oh-yes, good old Codd
3. Databases. Hierarchical, and the newest: Relation DBs
4. Operating systems. And please bear in mind, this was in the good old mainframe days
5. SW and HW Architecture. How to build a computer. We actually did!
6. Artificial Intelligence. Believe it or not - it existed already in the 80's
Then to present
This is a list of certifications, I hold:
2004: ITIL Foundation
2007: PRINCE2 Foundation
2007: PRINCE2 Practitioner
2012: PRINCE2 Practitioner Re-certification
2014: Prosci ADKAR Change Management Practitioner
2016: SCRUM Master
2016: DSDM Agile Project Management
2017: GDPR
2018: Full-stack web development
2019: Leading SAFe