Rohans Consult
2018-01 to Present
Feelance Senior Consultant. See Projects for details.
Prodata Consult
2016-04 to 2018-01
Senior Consultant working as Project Manager on projects in the Insurance, and Finance sectors, and as Contract Manager in the Public sector. See Projects for details.
Raft Consulting
2006-04 to 2016-04
Senior Consultant and from mid 2008 Product Director for Project Management. As Product Director I was responsible for the project managers' professional development, career plans, job-role descriptions, and participated in the hiring process. For my role as senior consultant, see Projects for details.
2004-11 to 2006-03
IT Manager. I was line manager for the IT department in the Bank.
As such I was managing several projects (e.g. Implementation of MasterCard, New IP phone system, and major upgrades to the Bank's Customer Credit and Lending systems), facilitating IT training for new Bank employees, and had the daily contact to the Bank's main IT provider, BEC.
2003-09 to 2004-10
Capacity Manager. I had the day-to-day responsibility for ensuring that the IT resources were allocated the most efficient way. Also maintenance of Sonofon's licenses.
Internet Systems / mpct Solutions / Aleri
1992-01 to 2003-06
Senior Project Manager and Business Architect. I was part of the implementation team, leading implementation projects of the company-developed Banking Back-Office Package, Atlas, throughout the World, but mainly in Europe. For detail, see Projects.
From 1997 I was also analyst on the internal ISO-9001 certification and the Internal Project Model that was used in the Company's implementation projects. After ISO-certifcation I was internal auditor on the Project Model, auditing projects in Europe.
1986-01 to 1991-12
Project Manager and Business Analyst. I was working in the International department, leading development projects to Danish Saving Banks' treasury, payments, and accounting/reporting areas. For details, see Projects
Statistical Department of Denmark
1982-01 to 1985-12
Developer in the Greenland Department, and from mid 1983 assistant manager of the IT PMO, that was maintaining the company's project model, responsible for IT training, and support function for the 60 full-time developers and 500 SAS-users in the company.